The Road to Saving the Rural Hospital

Transformation Transparency:  Setting the Stage for Change /Avoiding CrisisFRASER SEITEL

Starting January 1, 2019, hospitals, for the first time, were required to post their standard service charges online. In June, President Trump signed an executive order mandating health care providers and insurers to provide to consumers “the true prices of health care services.” Welcome to the Age of Health Care Transparency. As providers confront the brave new world of value-based care, no challenge is more important than “becoming more transparent.” This workshop will equip you to deal with the internal and external pressures on hospitals, physicians, and trustees to provide greater transparency to patients, employees, caregivers, and the general public. We will review 1) what health care transparency means to its varied constituents 2) the current state of transparency in health care 3) the benefits and risks introduced by greater transparency, and 4) what a more transparent environment might look like at your hospital.

Resourcing The Future – Finding the Things that Matter Most – LEANNE KAISER CARLSON, MSHA

How to Keep Inpatient Services Going as We Begin Transformation – ANTHONY PINEVICH, MD, MBA

Opioids and Worse in the Community – JOSEPH SCHERGER, MD, MPA

Addiction is on the rise in many communities. This is due to multiple factors: poverty, unemployment, lack of meaningful work, and social despair. Addressing these social determinants of health is important to stemming the tide of addiction. There are gateways to addiction that the medical system may contribute to. The most common is prescribing medications with a high addiction potential: opioids and benzodiazepines. Alcoholism is one of the oldest of addictions that is still with us and must be identified and addressed. In some communities smoking remains a common addiction and results in poor community health, especially in pregnancy. All of these issues will be discussed in this workshop with recommendations for reducing addiction and promoting community health.

Burnout, A Problem of Staff as Well as Physicians – DELLA LIN, MD

Unexplored Aspects of Patient Safety – GARY KAPLAN, MD

Trustees and Physician Leaders – Facing from Volume to Value – JOHN HORTY, LLB AND

The Value of Telehealth and Telemedicine (The Shortage of Nurses and Doctors in Rural Areas) –


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