Trustee and Physician Leaders – Governance Challenges Arising From Volume to Value John Horty, LLB & John Tiscornia, MBA, CPA

In today’s financial and regulatory environment, strategies focused solely on hospital volume may no longer be a path to success.  In this breakout we will discuss the forces behind the shift to value-based care, the challenges facing trustees and physicians as care delivery models are realigned, strategies that can assist in this transition, and the cultural shift crucial to this transformation.  The physician and hospital partnership is foundational to redefining the care delivery model; physicians stand at the heart of this opportunity to rethink how we address patient and community needs.  Trustees must re-evaluate the governance structure and processes needed to guide organizations and health networks through this transition and serve as a critical strategic asset in crafting a holistic approach to patient care and healthy communities.

Executing on a Value-Based Strategy:  Realignment of the Business Model to Respond to the Challenges of Developing an Affordable, High-Value Community Health System Steven Tringale

This breakout will focus on the strategy process and leadership challenges to prepare an organization to commit to a community-focused value-based care model.  It will include discussion on mission and how a refocus on population health can be facilitated through creative use of philanthropy as a source of capital and as an educational tool for institutions with their constituencies.  We will discuss, based on experience, the time required for this transition, as well as the obstacles commonly encountered and the tactics used to overcome these obstacles.

Restructuring the Delivery System Stuart Altman, PhD

A Step-by-Step Guide for Putting a Telemedicine Program in Place Gary Kaplan, MD

Changing Nursing Home Care and Nursing Homes – Various Kinds of Home Care

How Do You Start Transformation to Value Care?

Opioids and Worse in the Community Joseph Scherger, MD, MPH

Addiction is on the rise in many communities.  This is due to multiple factors:  poverty, unemployment, lack of meaningful work, and social despair.  Addressing these social determinants of health is important to stemming the tide of addiction.  There are gateways to addiction that the medical system may contribute to.  The most common is prescribing medications with a high addiction potential:  opioids and benzodiazepines.  Alcoholism is one of the oldest of addictions that is still with us and must be identified and addressed.  In some communities smoking remains a common addiction and results in poor community health, especially in pregnancy.  All of these issues will be discussed in this breakout with recommendations for reducing addiction and promoting community health.

The Value of Telehealth and Telemedicine (The Shortage of Nurses and Doctors in Rural Areas)
Robert Mechanic, MBA & Jennifer Bell

A growing number of providers are looking to telehealth to meet the health care needs of their communities in the face of a shortage of local primary care, mental health care, and other specialists.  Indeed, consumers now expect on-demand remote access to arrange and receive their care.  How are providers, payers, and the government responding to these trends?  This breakout will explore the opportunities and challenges of telehealth and how you can take advantage of new rules and payments for telehealth services.

Workplace Safety:  Foundational to Patient Safety Gary Kaplan, MD & Della Lin, MD

A focus on workplace safety often receives lower priority, especially when resources within hospitals and health care are constrained.  We would argue that without workplace safety, progress in patient safety is limited.  This program will take a fresh perspective at patient safety through a workplace safety lens… what we believe as foundational to patient safety, quality, and hospital performance.

Transformative Collaboration Steven Tringale & Leanne Kaiser Carlson, MSHA

 Nursing Team and Executives Taking the Lead

 Board Chair Roundtable (Invitational) John Horty, LLB


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